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Consider the interior environment that you will create

  • Color will make the room look larger or smaller.
  • Size will determine the number of grout joints.  Large-unit tiles work equally well in large or small rooms.  Smaller tiles are usually intended for smaller rooms or to create a pattern.
  • Direction will create either a visual flow or a distinctive area

To make a room appear:

  • Larger Light-medium colors or large format tiles
  • Smaller Medium-dark colors or small format tiles
  • Lighter Light-medium colors
  • Darker Medium-dark colors (dark colors work best in rooms with plenty of natural light)
  • Warmer “Warm” colors
  • Cooler “Cool” colors
  • Neutral color Larger tiles with coordinating grout joints or stone tile with thin coordinating grout joints
  • Color accents Inset color using field tile or decos
  • Larger with a visual flow Using the same tile from room to room
  • Distinctive rooms and area Change the size, the direction or use decos

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